Best alternative AI photo edit apps

AI-powered photo editors have quietly been evolving behind the scenes, offering powerful AI photo edit app to improve images quickly and efficiently. From self-editing your selfie to editing product shots for an advertising campaign, these AI editors provide potent solutions that aim to bring out the best in your photos.

As an experienced photographer of over 15 years, I’ve used AI photo editors and AI features within traditional photo editing software since their inception. I will introduce some of the top AI photo editors in this article and discuss what differentiates them.

What Is an AI Photo Editor?

AI photo editors are advanced tools that leverage artificial intelligence to automate various aspects of image editing. Unlike AI art generators, which produce entirely new images, these editors use existing photos to improve them while employing machine learning and other AI techniques for intelligent and automated solutions for image editing.

What Can AI Photo Editors Do?

AI photo editors feature and enable an extensive array of features and functions, such as:

1. Sharpening or upscaling images with low resolution. 

2. Automatic detection of whether a photo is landscape or portrait and providing appropriate editing tools.

3. Easy subject removal from the background. 

4. Replacement background with matching lighting effects.

5. Automatic adjustments of light levels, color, and contrast.

6. Facial enhancements such as wrinkle removal and eye brightening. 

7. Colorizing or repairing old black-and-white photos.

8. Precise subject selection or masking for editing purposes.

9. Customization and control over editing adjustments.

How to Select the Appropriate AI photo edit app (AIPEs)

Selecting an AI photo editor depends on your individual needs and preferences, but here are some critical criteria you should keep in mind:

1. AI-Based Editing Tools: For optimal editing results, look for editors with robust AI capabilities such as generative AI, automatic subject detection, and intelligent scaling technology, as well as practical editing tools.

2. Applications with Full-Featured Workflow: Look for apps that offer comprehensive image editing workflow so that all of your editing needs can be met in one application.

3. User-Friendly Experience: Look for apps that offer an intuitive user experience – a fast learning curve and straightforward interface are ideal.

4. Quality Results: Ensure the editor produces high-quality results by performing precise color and contrast adjustments and accurately selecting subjects.

5. Customization and Control: The top AI photo editors enable you to customize the extent of edits and specify which areas of an image are affected by them. Manual editing tools may also be provided for fine adjustments.

1. Adobe Photoshop best AI edit app:

Best AI Photo Editor. Available on Windows, macOS, and iPad for image editing and design applications with advanced AI photo edit app – Pros: Offers one of the highest AI capabilities available within an image editing and design app. Cons: The learning curve may prove too challenging.

Adobe Photoshop remains a premier image editing software. With AI-powered features that help remove objects, alter facial expressions, and integrate content into images seamlessly, Generative Fill makes this even more impressive by replacing or creating elements intelligently within images.

Pricing: Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom subscriptions start from just $19.99 per month.

2. Luminar Neo

Available on both Windows and mac OS,Luminar Neo boasts comprehensive AI integration for precise editing effects as well as precise control over editing effects with precise control over editing effects. Still, its price makes it more of an expensive photo editor app option than others.

Luminar Neo was among the first applications to fully embrace artificial intelligence (AI), offering an extensive suite of AI-powered enhancements such as color and tone adjustments, sky replacement, and more. It is ideal for photographers and selfie enthusiasts wanting precise control over applying effects.

Pricing: Our Explore plan starts at just 9.95 per month, while Pro plans can go as high as $14.95 monthly.

3. Canva

Available across the web, iOS, and AndroidCanva offers template-based design tools with advanced AI features – ideal for quickly producing designs for various applications

but image editing may not match AI remodeling software.

Canva has enhanced its already powerful template-based design tool with AI features. These include Text to Image, Magic Eraser, Magic Edit, and Magic Design tools, making creating designs for social media posts more accessible.

Pricing: Free with limited AI tools; upgrade to Pro for $12.99 monthly.

4. Pixlr

Pixlr is available across the web, iOS, and Android. It boasts AI applications split up into separate tools, offering AI-powered features and an array of AI features; however, its interface may feel less polished than others.

Pixlr stands out because it uses AI features divided across different apps such as Pixlr, Photo mash, and Remove Bg. It covers an impressive variety of editing needs ranging from template-based designs to image edits, and its AI features prove particularly adept for tasks like subject selection and object removal.For cargo information .

Pricing: Free AI usage or upgrade to Premium for $7.99/month.

5. Lensa

For iOS and Android, Lensa stands out by being an outstanding portrait and selfie camera offering AI-powered features for portraiture and selfie photography, offering many helpful portrait features and AI enhancements. Image editing may be limited to smaller displays.

Lensa is best known for its Magic Avatar feature, which creates AI-style portraits, but this application also offers much more. Lensa provides options for retouching, suggesting filters, background removal, and other editing functions to personalize images further and add fun.

Pricing: Free with an option to save one photo daily for $2.99/week or $4.99/month

6. Photo Director

For iOS/Android, this application includes AI Magic Avatar Removal, AI Object Removal, Cartoon Style AI Background Remover, and Face Reshape Tool features. These key features make Photo Director one of the best AI photo improvement software !

Photo Director provides a range of AI-powered photo editing tools, such as AI Magic Avatar for creating realistic-looking selfies, AI Object Removal for effortless object removal, AI Cartoon Style transformations for artistic effects, AI Face Reshape for subtle adjustments, and AI Background Remover to change backgrounds creatively. All are easily accessible free apps offering quick results!

 7. Vivid AI  photo edit apps

For iOS and Android, it provides vital features, including AI Text into Images, AI Outfit, Background Replacement, Sky Replacement, and Style Transformation for text into images.

Vivid AI is an intelligent photo editor for Android and iOS devices, offering cutting-edge AI features to create images in various styles ranging from oil painting to vintage cartoons. You can change outfit styles, replace backgrounds and skies seamlessly, and transform photos with its user-friendly interface.

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