Best Websites To Sell Stuff locally

One of the easiest and quickest ways to make extra cash online is by using Best Websites To Sell Stuff locally. However, whether it be as part of an e-commerce store or to clear out space in your house or garage, finding the appropriate platform can be tricky – that’s why I compiled a list of 26 reliable sites where people sell stuff online!

Each site offers different benefits and fits the needs of particular sellers. Yet, most have one thing in common: setup is straightforward, and they help sellers quickly connect with potential buyers.

Here are some of the best sites to Websites to sell items online for free locally.

  1. Ebay
  2. Etsy
  3. Amazon
  4. Facebook Marketplace
  5. Poshmark
  6. OfferUp
  7. Mercari
  8. Depop
  9. Gazelle
  10. Walmart Marketplace
  11. Swappa
  12. Bonanza
  13. Ruby Lane
  14. Gumtree
  15. Creative Market
  16. Folksy
  17. Ebid
  18. Madeit
  19. Instagram Shopping
  20. VarageSale
  21. Chairish
  22. Craigslist
  23. Nextdoor
  24. Sellfy
  25. Shopify


eBay is an international e-commerce marketplace that facilitates individuals and small businesses in selling new and pre-owned goods online. Available across 180 countries globally, eBay boasts more than 180 million active monthly users – ranking as the third-largest platform in America eBay sell locally items .

EBay provides two listing formats to list products: Fixed price and Auction. With Fixed-price listings with Auction listings, buyers bid on them. For more information about selling on eBay, see this guide from


  • EBay offers separate listings for used products but labels the condition accurately. 
  • Shipping via USPS, UPS, and FedEx can save up to 70% off on label fees!
  • eBay Auction Listings Provide the Ideal Environment for Collectible Sales.
  • These online auction listings are ideal for selling vintage collectibles, luxury goods, and other pre-owned unique items such as vintage clothes. 


  • Be Warned of Scammers on eBay. 
  • EBay works closely with law enforcement to keep counterfeit items off its platform. 
  • Unfortunately, this method isn’t foolproof, and any counterfeit goods might end up on there if not appropriately monitored by EBay’sfraud department.
  • Cheap shoppers: eBay is famous for offering secondhand items at low prices, meaning that bargain hunters may often be among your customers. eBay charges 12.9% transaction fees on every order placed via it.


Etsy provides buyers and sellers of custom craft supplies, handmade/vintage goods, bags/clothing/home decor items/furniture the chance to come together online. Etsy stands out among its rival marketplaces by permitting its sellers to list digital downloads such as planners and photos – something not allowed elsewhere. Various categories, such as bags, clothing, and home decor furniture, are available for sale on Etsy.


  • Etsy boasts high web traffic.
  • There are over 82 million monthly active buyers on Etsy. 
  • For your own data tracking needs, Etsy tracks various metrics for you, such as traffic and abandoned carts.
  •  And finally, setting up shop on Etsy takes less than five minutes and is free!
  • Etsy charges low transaction fees: Orders have a 6.5% commission fee when ordered through their platform, making transactions easy and cost-manageable for buyers and sellers alike. 


  • Competitive: With more than 4.4 million sellers listed, Etsy can sometimes seem overwhelming – offering shoppers options they might never find otherwise.


Amazon is an enormously popular US e-commerce marketplace connecting sellers and customers. On this platform, you can sell everything from home decor and sports equipment to clothing and toys.

Amazon also offers three special seller programs tailored specifically for regular sellers, creators, and refurbished or previously owned items: Amazon FBA allows individuals looking to sell new merchandise; Handmade offers artisans the chance to showcase handmade pieces such as jewelry and artwork for sale on the platform;

Amazon Renewed offers sellers an easy and safe marketplace to list pre-owned, refurbished, and open-box electronic products for sale.


  • Customers trust Amazon; 44% of shoppers begin their product research here!
  • Engaged Buyers: Amazon US boasts more than 150 million Prime members who regularly shop the platform thanks to fast shipping.
  • Amazon FBA: This marketplace allows sellers to outsource storage, packaging, and shipping costs by outsourcing these services for a fee.


  • Tough Competition: There are more than 1.2 million Amazon sellers in the US, and their competition to win the Amazon Buy Box can be fierce.
  • Amazon typically charges an average commission fee of 15% and more when using FBA (an extra 15% to 20%, depending on the product’s value).
  • Evil sellers: Unfortunately, Amazon can be an intimidating marketplace, complete with aggressive sellers. 


With Facebook Marketplace, however, selling your goods should be simple.

Facebook Marketplace is an online market where individuals and businesses can purchase and sell goods without incurring listing or subscription fees. At the same time, US customers can complete purchases directly on Facebook with its new Checkout feature. Both individuals and businesses alike can take advantage of selling on this platform without incurring extra costs for listing and subscription. 


  • Facebook Marketplace boasts over one billion monthly users.
  • Low selling fee: Facebook charges a 5% commission fee or $0.40 for orders below $8, including taxes and payment processing fees.
  • Customers can contact you through Facebook Messenger with any inquiries.


  • Challenging to Build Brand Recognition: With so many individuals selling secondhand goods through this marketplace, it may be challenging for your brand to stand out.
  • No Seller Vetting: 
  • Unlike eBay or Poshmark, Facebook doesn’t vette its sellers; anyone can list products so long as they have an active Facebook account and access to Poshmark for listing and sale of new and pre-owned clothing, shoes, jewelry, makeup, 
  • Handbags and electronics.


Poshmark allows users to register and list items instantly for free, though most visitors to Poshmark are looking for deals, making it better suited for selling secondhand goods.


  • Supportive community: Poshmark’s community is close-knit and always there when you have questions or need answers.
  • Convenient shipping: Your customers pay a flat fee for items under 5 pounds, and then Poshmark emails you the shipping label to use with any carton or poly mailer and schedules USPS pickup at your doorstep.
  • Poshmark offers high engagement: With over 45 million visits and an average session length of 10 minutes and 27 seconds, this platform attracts millions of monthly visits.


  • Conversely, Poshmark can make branding difficult.
  • You must strike designs that set your items apart from other sellers on this marketplace.
  • High Commissions: Poshmark charges a flat commission fee of $2.95 on items under $15; for anything above $15, a 20% selling fee applies.


OfferUp is an online marketplace that allows local buyers and sellers to connect, enabling many transactions to occur locally while supporting nationwide shipping across America, excluding Alaska, Arkansas, and Hawaii.

OfferUp allows sellers to list goods free but charges a commission fee of 12.9% on every sale made through it. 


  •  It facilitates direct contact between buyers and sellers and allows potential buyers to connect directly with sellers regarding product-related questions.
  • Easy Navigation.:The OfferUp app features an intuitive design with filters to make finding items effortless.


  • Average Customer Service: Due to a poor track record in handling complaints efficiently and responsiveness issues, Offerup should improve customer service by increasing responsiveness and response time.
  • Pay-to-sell model: When listing items on OfferUp, thousands of other listings can compete with yours for attention. It may require paying money to expand or boost your listing to stand out.


Mercari, an online marketplace based in Tokyo, Japan, where users can buy and sell new and pre-loved items, has over 120 million monthly visitors; 74% come from Japan, while 26% hail from America.

Mercari offers various product categories, such as home decor, electronics, vintage goods, beauty, and tools. 


  • Lower commission – Mercari charges a flat 10% selling fee on orders.
  • Shipping options – You can ship items independently or use preconfigured UPS/USPS shipping labels.


  • Limited Access: Mercari is only available in the US, UK, and Japan. 
  • Relatively Low Traffic: Compared to other online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, or Etsy, Mercari receives significantly less traffic.


Depop is an online fashion marketplace popular with Gen Zers and receives over 10 million monthly visitors, predominantly in the US (48% and UK 27%).

Depop is the premier platform for selling new, pre-owned, or vintage apparel, jewelry, beauty products, sports equipment, and books at Auction online. Some of the best places for selling secondhand brands are Nike, Urban Outfitters, and Adidas.


  • User-Friendly: Depop is known for its user-friendly website and app design.
  • Making it simple and quick to list and navigate products on Depop. Secondly.
  • Depop offers automated shipping integration, which assists sellers from both the US and the UK to ship through Depop quickly.


  • Depop’s commission fees are relatively steep: their selling fee is 10%, with a 3% transaction fee for payments through PayPal or Decluttr.
  • Additionally, their platform has over 30 million items listed and over 1.8 million active sellers. Depop is known for offering more affordable alternatives to eBay. 


Decluttr is a resale company that purchases electronics from individuals, refurbishes them, and resells them through its website and app. You can sell phones, iPods, tablets, video game consoles, wearable tech products, computers, and DVDs using Decluttr.

Decluttr is an easy way to sell items you no longer want or use by providing an instant quote and shipping them off directly.


  • Decluttr makes your life simpler: they handle marketing and sales for you while also repairing and cleaning goods before listing them online. 
  • Shipping costs: Decluttr will arrange and pay for transporting your package directly from its original location (such as your nearest post office).
  • Decluttr offers quick payment: Once Decluttr receives your goods, payment arrives one day later. 


  • However, Decluttr does not pay as much when selling most goods resold here as eBay would; it is more beneficial to try selling there instead for technology items in good condition.


Gazelle is an electronics reseller that buys and sells old gadgets like tablets and phones. Decluttr specializes in selling iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, Google phones, iPads, and MacBooks – unlike Gazelle, which only specializes in iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, Google phones, iPads, and MacBooks.


  • Gazelle provides instant quotes, and their payment for your goods may be low. 
  • Bulk Sales Option: Utilize their bulk sales option to sell electronics in bulk by packing everything up in a box and sending it off.
  • Customer Support: Gazelle offers excellent customer support that responds quickly to all queries. 
  • Free Returns: After shipping devices to Gazelle, their offer may change depending on their condition; should this happen, and if it does not meet your satisfaction, Gazelle will ship back any devices at their expense for free.


  • Gazelle offers tend to fall below market value, making eBay your better bet if you wish to make more money from selling. 
  • Slower payments: Compared with Decluttr and Swappa, Gazelle releases prices in three to five business days.


Walmart Marketplace provides third-party sellers an opportunity to list products on Walmart’s website.


  • There are no setup, membership, or maintenance fees.
  • Walmart does not impose setup, membership, or maintenance fees on their vendors. 
  • Also, many of their shoppers tend to be bargain hunters who value bargains over expensive options.


  • Higher commission fee: Referral fees range from 6%-20% depending on the product category, while Walmart encourages sellers to price their items as competitively as possible.
  •  Low Margin Cap: As with many marketplaces, Walmart encourages sellers to set prices that benefit them and their buyers most significantly.


Swappa is a consumer-to-consumer marketplace that buys and sells new and pre-owned tech.

Swappa stands out from Decluttr and Gazelle by providing pricing data that allows users to list devices at fair market value on its platform. You can even trade in your device at a reduced price instead of waiting for customers to purchase your item.


  • Swappa offers the lowest commission fee compared to its competitors, eBay and Decluttr, at just 3% per sale. 
  • Instant payments through PayPal: Once someone buys your product, payment arrives instantly via this platform.


  • Its listing period only lasts ten days; you’ll need to extend it by seven days each time it expires manually – the maximum listing duration being 60.
  • To prevent spamming and maintain high standards for listing quality, our team manually supports every listing before it is visible on Swappa.
  •  As a result, approval could take several hours to several days before becoming live on Swappa.


Bonanza is an online marketplace where you can sell your branded products directly to customers while creating relationships and building lasting customer relationships. Like Etsy, you create your storefront on Bonanza.


  • It does not charge listing, monthly store fees, or any additional hidden costs – all it takes to publish your products to all major buyer channels is one click.
  • Bonanza offers low commission fees at a 3.5% final value fee compared to other marketplaces and provides access to customer data that helps your brand build awareness among your target audience.
  • Bonanza offers easy product import from other marketplaces like eBay, Etsy, and Amazon. 


  •  Less Visibility: Bonanza doesn’t draw in large audiences like eBay or Etsy; you must upgrade to paid membership status to access ads.
  • Delayed Inventory Syncing: Sellers have expressed frustration over delays between other online marketplaces and Bonanza.

14.Ruby Lane 

Ruby Lane is an online marketplace specializing in antiques, collectibles, and vintage products such as coins, ceramics, dolls, fine art, jewelry lamps, and rugs.

Ruby Lane may need the name recognition of other marketplaces on this list, but it remains one of the largest online vintage stores. Selling over $125,000 worth of goods daily.


  •  Low Service Fee (capped at $250).
  • Attracts high-end buyers: Ruby Lane draws high-end buyers due to its higher average selling price than other marketplaces and its focus on targeting niche audiences rather than being broad in scope.


  • Ruby Lane charges a monthly maintenance fee of $54 for 50 products; fees range between 1 cent and 30 cents depending on how many items are in the cart. 
  • Outdated Website: Ruby Lane’s user interface needs to be updated, making searching difficult.


Gumtree, a UK-based classified ad and community website primarily used in Europe to list vehicles, properties, jobs, and services, is only used as an advertisement platform and does not provide delivery services for detailed listings. Many websites to sell items online for free locally


  • Gumtree doesn’t charge commissions or listing fees; instead, they charge a fee to get your listing at the top of search results.
  •  Easy Use: Listing an Ad on Gumtree is user-friendly; buyers can communicate through Messenger, too! 


  • Gumtree does not take responsibility or offer assistance with shipping for most listings; these only remain live for 30 days in most categories and 60 for services, jobs, or property listings. 
  • No shipping: Gumtree does not assume any liability associated with shipping processes nor assist in their execution.

16.Creative Market

Creative Market, an online marketplace of digital goods and community-generated design assets such as graphics, fonts, WordPress themes, and photos for sale, currently hosts more than 5 Million monthly visits and gets most of its traffic from the US (40%).

Creative Market can provide an easy way for artists and makers to sell their items at a competitive market without needing to stock or ship any physical orders themselves.


  • The advantages of the Creative Market include passive income due to no need to store or ship orders as opposed to physical goods orders, which must be stored and shipped separately by merchants. Creative Market Pros
  • Creative Market offers free listing and renewal fees, a 500 MB file size limit (far surpasses Etsy’s 20 MB cap), and no renewal or listing fees for sellers.


  • Creative Market charges a massive 40% commission fee per sale made through them!
  • Creative Market charges an inactivity fee every 30 days to accounts that haven’t seen activity for 18 months or longer,


Folksy (known as UK Etsy) provides an online marketplace for artists, artisans, and designers residing within the UK.

Folksy offers goods for anyone worldwide; however, most of its traffic comes from the UK. Folksy charges a 6% commission on each sale without adding a markup on shipping fees. And it has the bonus of not adding markup fees for shipping fees! For this reason, it stands out among its rivals by being customer service friendly! The advantages of using Folksy include its fast processing times and simple interface.


  • Unlimited Listings: Your first three listings are free; 
  • Either pay PS0.15 per item or PS5 per month for complete free listings. 
  • Timely Payments: Unlike many marketplaces, Folksy processes payment when the customer purchases your item.
  • Folksy Plus allows sellers to import listings from Etsy into Folksy.


  • Its mobile app is relatively slow compared to Etsy’s, thus requiring some sellers to access features through the desktop.
  • Folksy doesn’t offer currency conversion capabilities for international buyers to view pricing in their native currency, unlike eBay, which does this feature.


Ebid is another online marketplace where users can auction new and pre-owned goods at competitive prices similar to that found on eBay, although with less reach.

Ebid’s fees for each sale you make are lower than eBay’s at only 5%. Just like eBay, Ebid also lets sellers increase product visibility through features such as bold titles, additional photos, and subtitles. 


  • Low commission fee: Each sale you make through Ebid incurs a 5% commission fee; however, with membership plans, this fee can drop as low as 2%. 
  • Google Shopping: Products listed on Ebid automatically appear on Google Shopping, depending on your membership plan.


  • EBay sees around 350,000 monthly visitors, 47% in the US and 25% from the UK, whereas Ebid only receives 270,000. 


Madeit, known as Australia’s Etsy, Supports local artists. Unique among marketplaces, Madeit is a family-owned business with more than 120,000 registered users compared to most others.

Madeit offers four quarterly and three monthly plans depending on your store’s number of listings and categories, starting with just 16AUD per month for its lowest plan. 


  • Madeit doesn’t charge commission but has a membership fee instead;
  • Madeit helps sellers build relationships: Customers’ information remains available to sellers, enabling you to communicate directly with your target market and establish brand recognition. 
  • Self-made goods only: You cannot sell third-party goods on Madeit due to licensing issues.


  • Low Traffic: Madeit attracts an estimated monthly traffic of 70,000 on average.
  • Category Listing Limitations: Madeit only allows products to be listed under three categories simultaneously.

20.Instagram Shopping

Instagram Shopping allows users to shop and purchase items directly through Instagram without leaving its platform.

Display your products across Instagram’s feed, stories, reels, live, Instagram Shop, Direct Shops and Shops using Instagram Shopping Insights. This analytic tool gives insight into vital metrics such as product button clicks and views.


  • Instagram boasts over two billion monthly active users, making it the world’s most popular social media channel.
  •  Additionally, its intuitive user interface enables users to shop directly within the Instagram mobile app without leaving its interface.
  • Instagram Offers Low Selling Fee: Instagram’s commission per order is just 5%, including taxes and payment processing costs. 


  • US-Only Access: Unfortunately, Instagram Checkout is only available in the US market.
  • Instagram does not offer advanced e-commerce features: Instagram does not support features such as email marketing and abandoned carts that enable businesses to conduct e-commerce sales effectively.


VarageSale, a Canadian virtual garage sale app, allows users to sell new and pre-loved items locally. On average, 1.5 million visits visit every month, with most traffic from Canada (58%), followed by the US (38%).

VarageSale stands out from other platforms because they do not charge commission on items you sell through them. Pros for VarageSale: VarageSale provides user verification before permitting sellers to list on its platform and give rank in the best websites to sell stuff locally.


  • Easy to Use: Listing products is as simple as uploading images and writing descriptions – you don’t have to be present! 


  • Selling Locally Only If your community doesn’t actively utilize VarageSale, sales could be limitless 
  • Application Approval Process Could Take Days


Chairish is an online marketplace offering contemporary and vintage home furnishings, decor, and art for sale. Their three membership plans each charge different commission rates: 20% commission for items under $2,500, 12-13% for those between $2500-25000, and 3% commission above $25000.

Chairish attracts buyers looking for valuable items and is thus ideal for buyers willing to spend more and added in the best websites to sell stuff locally.


  • Chairish charges no listing or maintenance fee – making their services accessible.
  • Shipping Assistance: Chairish offers in-home delivery movers to deliver smaller items while providing discounted rates for larger orders.


  • Membership Fee: To use Chairish effectively, in addition to paying commission fees, you may also need to sign up for one or both of their two free membership plans, which have limits on how many active listings each month.
  • Low Traffic: On average, Chairish receives around 3.5 Million visitors monthly, with 93% coming from within the US


Craigslist is an established classifieds website offering jobs, housing, items for sale, services, and gigs. Listing your item(s) on Craigslist is free once a buyer pays.

Craigslist works best for sellers who prefer local buyers over shipping issues.


  • There’s no membership or listing fee with Craigslist, though certain listings, such as job postings or apartment rentals, may incur a small fee of $3 to $10, depending on your location.
  • Craigslist can be an ideal way to sell large or heavy items locally without incurring costly shipping costs and well as best websites to sell stuff locally.


  • while its main drawback may be too many scammers on its pages. 
  • You could receive numerous fraudulent offers before being approached by severe buyers for Craigslist.
  • Outdated Website Design: Craigslist’s user interface must be updated and easily used.


Nextdoor is a neighborhood networking service where residents can buy or sell items, get tips from their neighbors, and connect.

Nextdoor allows businesses to connect with local community members by listing offers through its Nextdoor for Local Business program. It provides businesses with landing pages and purchasing ads to promote themselves locally. Here’s a breakdown of Websites to sell items online for free locally near me in usa.


  • Access Listing Metrics: You can see how many visitors visited your page, how much time they spent there, and more metrics. 
  • Direct Communication: Users can reach out directly via the app or website should they have questions


  • Difficult to Drive Traffic: As more recommendations you receive, your Business will appear higher in search results. 
  • As a newcomer to Nextdoor, competing against well-established businesses for visibility on Nextdoor may take a lot of work.


Sellfy is an online platform that enables creators to open an online storefront and sell physical and digital items.

Sellfy makes creating and operating an online store or selling from an existing website possible by providing marketing tools and allowing third-party integrations that power it.Also many best websites to sell stuff locally


  • One of the top solutions for tech-averse users: Sellfy is one of the premier solutions for creators and boutique stores looking for an effortless solution that doesn’t involve technical backend complexities.
  • Additionally, Sellfy features an intuitive user interface, making navigating it straightforward and user-friendly best websites to sell stuff locally.


  • Sellfy can be costly: Sellfy offers three plans: Starter at $19/month, Business for $49/month, and Premium for $99. You may use Starter if your annual sales volume is at most $10K, while Business plans have $50K sales limits and 200K for Premium plans.
  • Selling features: Sellfy offers only basic e-commerce features such as product upselling and cart abandonment. It lacks more advanced options, such as third-party shipping integrations. Shopify can host your online store as part of its hosting solution, making it a one-stop solution for e-commerce management and best websites to sell stuff locally.


Shopify differs from the other platforms on this list in that your products won’t be visible to millions of visitors immediately; instead, it requires building your brand and marketing yourself on various platforms.

However, Shopify provides a B2B marketplace called Handshake where wholesalers and small businesses can meet. Furthermore, its Exchange platform simplifies buying or selling an established Shopify Store.It is Best websites to sell stuff locally in usa for free.


  • Shopify makes establishing a distinct brand identity easy, giving you complete control of your products and website.
  • No restrictions: Shopify does not restrict how you sell or communicate with your customers, unlike online marketplaces like Amazon, which require users to abide by specific rules and regulations.
  •  Easily Scalable: Designed for businesses of all kinds- from sole proprietors to large enterprises- Shopify’s software is highly scalable, so all sizes of businesses can benefit as well as best websites to sell stuff locally.


Marketing Costs: Your responsibility lies in building brand recognition and attracting visitors to your website. To do this effectively, you must learn how to run pay-per-click (PPC) ads and utilize social media to promote products.These are best websites to sell stuff locally

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